flashes of love: Josh Groban

When I found out that Josh Groban was coming back to Pittsburgh in March, I knew that I would do anything to see him for a third time. That is when I made the decision to buy tickets for my mom for Mother’s Day/her birthday. It’s one of the perks of having both of those events in the month of May. So, I bought the tickets the day that they went on sale.

It was very hard to keep this secret from my mom, because I was so excited about seeing Josh again. Throughout the months of March and April, I kept hinting that I had a surprise for her. She figured something was up, but had still had no idea what it is. So, when mother’s day came around – I couldn’t contain my excitement. My mom was thrilled with the surprise. We just had to wait another 4 months for the day to arrive.

And now that the concert has ended an hour and half ago, I just wanted to say how amazing Josh Groban is.

First of all, the opening act (ELEW) is an amazing pianist. He was originally on America’s Got Talent, but Josh offered him a position on the Straight To You Tour and took it. He did everything from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ to ‘Teenage Dream’. You need to definitely check him out.

A lady came on the PA to announce that you could text your questions to ask – of course my question was “what’s your favorite thing about Pittsburgh” – we had to wait & see during the concert if Josh was going to answer them.

Josh took the stage at 8:30. He began his set by running out to the center stage area and surprising his fans on the floor. After a couple songs, he made his way to the main stage. My mom and I had the perfect seats in the Consol Energy Center.

After he sang a few songs, he talked to the audience with cute little bits and quirky jokes. He continued to sing and discuss how he went to CMU and loved Pittsburgh. And then it was time for the Q&A session.

The first question was “What do you do at 2 am” – he plays video games and eats dried mangos. The next question when along the lines of “inspirational words for singers”. Then came the best part of the night. He read this question from Katie – “I’m going into the navy soon and my question is can I sing with you”. Josh went out on the floor and found the girl and took her up to the center stage. They sang “Smile” together. It was truly beautiful. After the duet, Josh sang a couple more songs and then introduced the organization for Find Your Light Foundation in Pgh – which was CFC of Pittsburgh. Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFwVTbxl96A

Once back on stage, Josh sang a few more songs and then it was time for casa de groban. He invited a couple that had been married for 41 yrs, a girl for her sweet 16th bday, and a 9 yr old who was attending her first concert to sit on stage while he sang a couple more songs. The fans sat on ‘inflatable couches’. It was nice to see how Josh loves his fans.

The concert ended with the beautiful “Raise You Up” – oh my I cried like baby. It gets me every time. The concert was amazing and my mom & I really enjoyed ourselves.

Josh Groban

We love you Josh!

– xoxo



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